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Due to me doing an interview before I went to English that day, I came into the film late and I had no idea what was going on. So at the end I didn’t know what the sled meant or anything like that, all I knew was that it was a sled that said his dying words on it. Now that I know that it signified his childhood because it was his childhood sled, I can understand the film much better. I admit that’s a bit cheesy, but I think that everything is a bit cheesy to some degree. The only bad part was the quality, but that was not the fault of the film producers because they just don’t have the technology we have today. With that filming equipment it makes every man sound the same and every woman sound the same. That could be me or maybe it could be the film industry trying to mess with me when they filmed it when I wasn’t born. To this day I am still unsure if the old timey film industry was out for me. The good parts were the transitions from present day and the past. It all made sense even for someone who came into the movie late and had no idea what was going on. Seeing the aftermath of the story was interesting because I got to see where the characters would end up even if I had no idea how that would happen. The theme is money doesn’t bring happiness. The commentary is trying to say that most rich people aren’t happy because they are really different than everyone else and they strive to be normal. The film shows this by having Kane get with Susan, a girl who does not know who he is. Bringing her into his rich life didn’t work either because he still wasn’t like everyone else, but Susan still made him happy even if he did not make her happy in the end.

Through Kane’s life he does many things to be happy. First he buys the best writers and makes a very secessful paper which puts him as a well known man. He thought that he would be happy when he was wealthy, but his money making habits got the better of his marriage. So then he sought out something different. His newspaper life did not make him happy so he ended up finding Susan who he tried to be normal with. Unfortunately for them that did not work out either. He ended up using his money again and living in a “palace” away from everyone else so she stopped being as normal as he wanted her to be. He kept pushing this by trying to make her sing like her mother wanted her to do, but that just pushed them both far from where normal was. They ended up being miserable together with pretty much everything they could have wanted. Well, pretty much everything that Kane would have wanted. Yet Kane was not happy. he did all of this to try to make himself happy, yet he always steered himself in the wrong direction.

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