Blog 21

Firstly, the theme of The Love Song is the blight of the classes of society. This theme involves lower class people feeling bad just like Alfred Prudfrock in this poem. It shows that because he is a lower class citizen he feels like he is under everyone else so he feels like he cannot approach a higher class woman. These social norms are a sort of blight on our society because it encourages people being less of a person because of their social status (which is of course a bad thing). Secondly, the theme of Disillusionment of 10′ o’clock’s theme is how conformity is a bad thing. It tells how someone who conforms to society’s standards dreams of nothing, but someone who doesn’t would be dreaming of something exciting. This shows that being your own person is better than following what everyone else is doing. Thirdly, the theme of Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town¬†is about gender equality. Anyone is refered to as the man in the situation and no one is referred to as the woman. It is not until the woman marries the man until she is referred to as somebody. So the poem was making a statement on how society sees woman. The setting of the small town never changes, but the seasons do. The seasons may change, but year by year they are always the same, but the statement that is shown is that this gender equality never changes just like the little town. Each of these three poems are making statements on our society in their own different ways. So they are all similar in that aspect, but their topics are all different. Even if all of the topics are aiming to fix our society for the better. I think that Disillusionment of 10′ o’clock¬†is most applicable to our society because it seems that everyone seems to want to be the same. So many people want collectors items or things like that (for example Jordan’s), but they end up just being like everyone else. That is a small example of something that is in today’s society, but since the internet is growing there is more room for people to want to conform to a group. I liked Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town the most because the repetition of summer autumn winter spring” just sounded really good. I didn’t care too much about any of the individual messages (even though they are good ones) I just liked the rhythm.

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