Blog 20: Mark Twain and Killer Robots

Due to me being out for the flu, I came back oblivious to “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” I did not understand the satire in the story until good old Mr. Mcgarry explained it to me. I’m not sure if good is the best adjective, but it’s what I used. Get over it. I had originally thought it was making fun of people who went on and on while telling a story, but it was actually about something much deeper. It tackled the different between social classes and how they speak to each other, in this case the satire was in place to make fun of the wealthy man who judged to lower classed man Simon. So Simon told this long story about Jim Smiley which I had mistaken for nonsense. Which it sort of was, but also came with the same parallels as the situation in the real world.

The only thing I really know about Huck Finn is that it is a sort of sequal to Tom Sawyer and that Jim is the only good person in the book. It’s not a lot to go on, but it seems like it will be an interesting story. In class we learned that it tackles society in the perspective of Huckleberry Finn who grew up outside of it. That seems like an interesting premise for a story, and I’m excited to read it. After reading this story (knowing Mcgarry), I will probably be disturbed in some way. Maybe Mark Twain will blow my mind with satire.

Imom really reminded me of DETROIT: Become Human near the end of the film. Which got me really excited because that game was really good. Anyways, they were using satire to make fun of a few different parent groups. For example the parents who had their kids early or an unplanned pregnancy, single parent, etc. I would also argue it is satirizing the idea of us relying heavily on technology to do things for us. That we would even replaced (sort of) our wives/mothers with a robot that would watch your kid and cook. I liked the presentation of it because the interviews were funny enough to keep me watching and the story with the imom and the boy was weird and I wanted to find out what happens.

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