Blog 18: Vertigo Review

When I heard that we were going to watch an old move, I was not too excited. I didn’t really care because I really don’t watch movies. Then I saw the writing, it seems like Hitchcock paid attention to every detail, and that is the kind of writing I love. Most people in my generation want fast stories, but I love a slow moving story that takes its time to introduce characters. The more time you have with the intro, the more invested you get into those characters. So to see those characters go through trouble in the main plot ads an extra personal connection to the film. When Midge had drew herself as Carlotta, I thought that she was going to turn out to be the next one with the “dreams.” Then I was very surprised to find that Madeline had never died. I am excited to see where that side-plot goes to. I wonder if Midge will try to interfere in Judy and Scotti’s relationship. I don’t want to attempt to guess anymore because this move has his me with a handful of surprises. I do not understand why Judy would jump into the bay if she was posing as Madeline, couldn’t there have been a chance that Scotti would not save her? I suppose Gavin knew Scotti so he knew of his integrity. Also, if Madeline had been dead for a while, couldn’t the coroner have found that the body had been dead for longer. Or found other methods of death besides falling? I suppose they would have stopped when they saw that she had fell, and just assumed. They really had no reason to question it further.

I’m really not sure how you could make this more relevantĀ for today. Firstly, you would want to change it to be in today’s times, change the cars, special effects, clothing, styles, etc. Secondly, the main character could not be a stereotypical detective from the 50’s because no one really wears a suit and fedoras anymore. We could make a story about a Jim Gordon like man who gets vertigo and roll with the plot from Vertigo.


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