Blog 14

I will probably not think on these arguing techniques for a very long time, nor will I use them while arguing with friends. Mostly because I dislike to argue with people. I do not care for it, but I do understand it a lot more now. And for doing an argument in a class like this again I will definitely keep this in mind and maybe even go back and check the notes we took in class. During an argument between peers I will not put much thought into it because that’s just the way that I am. Making a fool of myself is much more important than being good at an argument I suppose. Or maybe I will keep this in mind and I won’t even notice it. Maybe I’ll stop name calling in an argument because I’ll remember it to be Ad Hominem. I’ll look upon my friends arguments and notice when they say something stupid MORE OFTEN. It’ll be great, i can point out how their arguments are invalid now. And maybe they won’t remember anything and I can knowingly spit out fallacies at them. So many possibilities. Bu will these possibilities be executed? Maybe. With adults i am more serious so then my mindset will be different and I will be willing to point out their fallacies in their arguments because there is something good about proving someone who is older than you wrong. Sure it will ruin their self worth because some high school student knew what Hasty Generalization was. Developing a valid argument is actually a lot more difficult than I thought and that’s why so many people just end up calling the other side an “idiot”, a “tool”, or something more unpleasant. You don’t put much thought into how much preparation is needed and you don’t thing of how important that really is. After you get your sources, you could be well off or you could have gotten bad sources and you’ll have to try to do some more research while you’re supposed to be forming the argument. Or maybe you’re topic is just not as well known so the sources are barren.

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