Blog 12

The current issue I am thinking about is the Death Penalty. The question would be: Should the death penalty be taken away? My stance on the subject would be that we keep the death penalty depending on the crime someone commits. I think this because someone who is willing to either kill or rape someone should not be able to live in a civilized society like America. The two sides would be keeping the death penalty or completely getting rid of it. The main argument of the side against the death penalty is that life is sacred and we should not be able to take someones life even if they took someone else’s life. The side for the death penalty would say that people who are willing to commit a horrid crime then they are too much trouble to feed and keep alive in a prison. We should just take them from the world and rid it of their toxic actions.

My school has been going pretty well, I have been getting good grades like I always have. But i could definitely pay more attention in class and I could definitely try more. Although I feel like the act of trying is definitely more difficult than watching with glazed eyes and looking at the notes the night before. To go about this I need to just clear my mind and pay more attention in class instead of messing around with my friends. I would have to focus on reading and doing homework instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to do my IR. Don’t worry Mcgarry I just started my first book. You should be proud of me (or not). Something I can do this week is read everyday trying to finish my IR book, I just need to take a little time out of my day and read a little and I can go on and put that same vigor to my other classed. Then I will have extra good grades (yes I just said extra good grades. Don’t tell me that’s not a good way to say it.) I would have to say playing games all day is the biggest factor in preventing me from reading, and well, forgetting to read.

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