Blog 11

Temperance: I have not been overeating as of late. I have not broken this virtue all week actually. For some odd reason I have not been getting the urge to eat as much as I do. I usually eat when I am bored and now I only have been eating for my core meals of the day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Silence: I was babbling on about my problems in the beginning of this exercise and I never really stopped. I decided to try to stop, but when something is bothering me I let people know that. I’d rather get it out then let it bother me.

Order: My room has been a mess and I have not been scheduling my work very well.

Resolution: I find this virtue really difficult because there is no way for any human to do everything perfectly. I put half the work in most of the time and I still get good grades.

Frugality: I do not like to waste money, I bought a game I played once but I do plan on playing it later.

Industry: I have been breaking this one all week. All i’ve been doing is playing video games and watching youtube/tv.

Justice: I try my hardest to not sully someones appearance even if I do not like them or am angry at them. I would not like if someone would talk about me so I try hard to not break this. I always talk the nicest about someone I can even if they have wronged me.

Moderation: I don’t blow up over petty disputes, but ones that important hit me.

Cleanliness: I have been keeping up with my hygiene and daily cleaning schedule.

Tranquility: I have broken this a few times this week, but recently I am starting to not be bothered by things that just seem to happen.

Chastity: I have not broken this.

Humility: I try to help people even if I am hurting too. I have been getting bad at helping people lately, but I am thinking I will get my average advice back soon.

Gratefulness: i always remember my manners. I am grateful for the things I have even if I don’t always show it.

Individualism: I may always go for people for advice, but I make the decisions myself.

Acceptance: I accept that people make bad decisions and I am willing to forgive them for that.

Humans all have flaws and doing an experiment like this may help you improve yourself, but no one can complete

every one of these every day of the year.



blog 10

My first impression of Dodo’s conundrum was something of pride, I actually sort of maybe understand what the poem is about. I know I probably got the theme wrong, but I do understand what the stanza forms were meant for. The first part of the poem it starts out talking about model trains and that reminded me of something that Mr. Mcgarry said during class about a poem about model trains meaning something different so that clicked inside my head it helped me understand the poem more. I thought that the theme was perspective, but I’m sure that it is something deeper than that. I’m keeping my answer because I think I’m pretty close and I cannot really put my finger on it. I didn’t really find most of the poem confusing besides the theme, but that’s only because I normally have trouble finding the theme of different works. Due to me writing my own poetry I have a better understanding of sound and sense so it made it much easier discovering different parts of the poem. Although, I am still no means a master of poetry. I do have a better understanding than before I wrote my own works. It was a hands on way to teach it and I like that, and I feel like it worked pretty well. I had experience with writing my own poetry learning about different ways to add rhyme schemes and what I could do with different stanzas. I learned that there has to be a reason for free verse. Listening to what Joe and William say about it during journalism was a big help because they actually know what they are doing with poetry and when I hear what they are saying it helps me get a better understanding of what I am reading. Will told me about a poem they were thinking about with Fire and Ice that reminded me of what Dodo’s conundrum did. Ice was going to be stanza

and fire was going to be free verse. It reminded me that it isn’t just free verse for giggles or anything.