Blog 8: Poetry

Poetry is interesting in many ways. it has hidden meanings behind everything and is a place for depressed people to show their feelings. The problem is I am not depressed so the poems I write are not interesting in any ways. If I was sad right now about something maybe I’d write a good poem, but like is pretty good right now. I thought that Eldorado was a pretty good poem, it shows how you can be searching something your whole life and end up not finding it. For some people like Poe this could be love. I find this very deep because it mirrors his life, he always was disappointed by woman. I find this very interesting to look into someones feelings and how they react to events in their lives in their poetry. Whenever we analyse anything during class, i feel like my eyes are being opened and I am seeing the truth for the first time. It all makes sense after I hear what other people say in class. My poem is about my 11th period class, every day I dread going there because there is one person in particular who makes it so loud. During some work days, William, Raely, and I are allowed to go to the library so it is all fine after that. While I am in the classroom, that is another story. I describe how the sounds of this person and their friends digs into my minds and makes me go crazy. It doesn’t actually make me go “crazy” per say, but I am very annoyed throughout the whole time. They make me sound like a mute, and that is very bad. Like I described during the poem, all of my classmates get so loud and rowdy that they become like animals in a zoo. History is probably my favorite class, but not this year just because of the people I am surrounded by. Luckily I have a few friends in the class to buffer them. I feel like the poem is all hyperbole of the situation but hey that’s okay. That’s poetry.

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