Blog 9

Before I actually wrote my own poems with actual elements of poetry, I didn’t really like poetry. Now I like it a lot more because I understand it more. Although I cannot analyse poetry for my life, I think I can write a pretty average poem. It’s a big step up from under average poetry I’d say. I now can look at a poem and think more about the elements than I have before. The thing is that I really didn’t know about any of this “pentameter” stuff, so it’s definitely a step up than before. My approach changed on my second poem because I had more experience since I had just written a poem. My new understanding of poetry is that you should not use ducks and monkeys to describe your classmates, I feel like there are so many different ways to explain how they are loud. I chose the most foolish one. So i decided to write a poem about what all of us short guys are thinking: being short sucks. So I wrote that poem and I like it a lot more. The second poem is an exaggeration of what should happen with short people. I wrote that we should rule the society because we are the only ones that can, which is completely false. The poem is obviously written to feel better about my height. It’s even in the title. I’d like to think the world that would come out of my poem would involve short people only having tall people have one job. They would be shelve reachers. A way to add imagery into a poem is by many different literary devices. Such as a simile to describe something from something else. Or maybe personification to make you imagine this object. The words we use during the poem conjures up the main image of the poem, you want to make your reader imagine a certain something. Maybe you want them to imagine a field or a forest. The way you write the syllables in your poem and pretty much everything that makes up the poem produces the sound, image, and rhythm.

Blog 8: Poetry

Poetry is interesting in many ways. it has hidden meanings behind everything and is a place for depressed people to show their feelings. The problem is I am not depressed so the poems I write are not interesting in any ways. If I was sad right now about something maybe I’d write a good poem, but like is pretty good right now. I thought that Eldorado was a pretty good poem, it shows how you can be searching something your whole life and end up not finding it. For some people like Poe this could be love. I find this very deep because it mirrors his life, he always was disappointed by woman. I find this very interesting to look into someones feelings and how they react to events in their lives in their poetry. Whenever we analyse anything during class, i feel like my eyes are being opened and I am seeing the truth for the first time. It all makes sense after I hear what other people say in class. My poem is about my 11th period class, every day I dread going there because there is one person in particular who makes it so loud. During some work days, William, Raely, and I are allowed to go to the library so it is all fine after that. While I am in the classroom, that is another story. I describe how the sounds of this person and their friends digs into my minds and makes me go crazy. It doesn’t actually make me go “crazy” per say, but I am very annoyed throughout the whole time. They make me sound like a mute, and that is very bad. Like I described during the poem, all of my classmates get so loud and rowdy that they become like animals in a zoo. History is probably my favorite class, but not this year just because of the people I am surrounded by. Luckily I have a few friends in the class to buffer them. I feel like the poem is all hyperbole of the situation but hey that’s okay. That’s poetry.