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In Ready Player One, Wade Watts is an extremely unhealthy character. He shows this by his unhealthy obsession with Halliday and his egg, his disregard to his consequences in getting dozens of people killed, and his unhealthy internet relationship with Art3mis.

Wade worships James Halliday like he is a god. He even used Halliday’s journal as some kind of bible telling the reader verses from it. He even writes the verses in a form you may used for reciting the Bible. He refers to it his every move, and he sees Halliday as some kind of god. It seemed like so many people in the world saw Halliday as some kind of god, he created a new reality, but at the end of the day he may be some kind of devil. He created a world where people would not live actual lives, no matter how real it seemed the feelings and experiences were all fake. Wade and the rest of the world were living a lie. At the end of the book, the only thing that gets Wade out of the Oasis is Halliday telling him to. I do not think he would have done that on his own, even for Art3mis. Even if Halliday created some kind of new world for people to explore, he was no role model. He stayed inside all day and showed no social skills whatsoever. At his own funeral, his guests were a computer simulated falsity made with fake characters from the film Heathers. Humans are supposed to mix. Wade worships this man and it cannot lead anywhere good.

Wade had gotten a dozen or more people killed and did not seem to care about any of them. The only exception was an old woman that he had grown fond of because she sometimes let him sleep in her trailer. He did not seem to care that his own Aunt was killed in the bombing from IOI. She may have let her boyfriend abuse him, but that is no reason to not even mourn her death. Being responsible for someone’s death is not a simulation and he acts like he would act if someone was to die in the Oasis. He didn’t care. No one in his trailer park had ever showed him kindness but that does not mean he can just throw their lives away. Is a simulated world more important than people’s lives? He was not the one who killed them but he is responsible, he should have felt more of the weight of their deaths.
Wade’s relationship with Art3mis is a nail in his coffin of unhealth. He was in love with her way before he even met her, reading her blogs, and looking at her avatar’s screenshots. Once he had met her he just couldn’t help himself, he even risked the competition by giving her help on a trial. Once they start “dating” the two of them cannot stop talking. This would be fine if they had actually been able to see each other in real life. If they could actually see each other with their own eyes and be able to even touch each other. Humans are not meant to be falling in love with someone in a made up world, yes he can “feel” her but it isn’t the same. It’s through his haptic suit he uses for the Oasis. It isn’t the same. Then he fell in love with her. Her reaction said it all. She was outraged by his love towards her and stopped talking to him, but with my dismay the reader learned she loved him too. At the end of the story they met in real life and got back together, that was the only healthy part of the relationship. It seemed like this was normal in the Oasis, people falling in love, that is very very unhealthy. It mirrors our world in a way with people finding each other on the internet and sometimes they don’t even know if they look or even sound like who they portray themselves. In the book it shows this by Wade and Art3mis always joking about her being a fat 300 pound man living in his own basement. Wade always brushed this off, but any normal healthy person would see this and run. You cannot grow old with someone in a simulation and be happy.

Wade Watts is an unhealthy person, but who can even be healthy in a world he lives in. Wade presents this in his obsession in Halliday, his lack of caring about getting a dozen people killed, and his relationship with Art3mis.

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