Blog 6

My short story was changed completely. I wanted to write a story about how Abraham Lincoln fought in the space force, but now I realize that that is not practical for a serious story. It changed to a story about another world that revolves around kingdoms and magic. It changed to this because I knew I could write a much more serious story about a story about propaganda about Abraham Lincoln. It is not the best story I have written and I honestly do not know what is, I feel like any author will never actually enjoy their own writing like they enjoy someone else’s. The thing that I like about my story is that I was able to write a story in the same world as one of my other stories, I never liked the previous stories where I tried to do that. I do not like how my story compares to others stories, their stories just seem better than mine. That may be because I just don’t like my work or maybe it is because I am secretly a bad writer.

I have not finished my first book, I am half way through it. I am liking it so far because of the references to video games. It is a story that I can relate to because I play a lot of video games, I like the story because it involves a lot of references and it feels like if that were actually happen to society then this is what would be the outcome. I also can relate to all of the talking in chatroom because it reminds me of an old Xbox live party. I did not think that I should be finished by now I guess I am going to have to be binging

my book now. Sadly for me I am the slowest reader in the world and am easily distracted.

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