My Short Story: Let’s just call it “The eyes” of something

I thought about the story’s plot before I thought about the theme. I started thinking of a theme I could add to the story and then I thought of something. “Everything loves something” is the theme I chose for myself. The orc, Grahak, loves the queen, The queen loves her citizens, the citizens love her, and Haithem loves his family. “The Eyes” is a story set in another world where everything is in medieval times with a twist of fantasy (magic, elves, orcs, etc.). In the story, an orc is in love with the Queen of a city called Felicity, so he decides he will plot a scheme to take the queen for himself. And of course the Queen does not approve of him schemes. He decides the best way to win over Queen Andrea is to threaten her and her city. He says if she does not hand herself to him by next week he will burn the city to the ground. The queen, frightened, sends her personal agents to take care of the orc. One of the agents is the protagonist Haithem, a man who loves his family and will do anything for his kingdom and Queen. Haithem and his partners, who are also agents, are sent to kill Grahak. They fight the orc and almost lose their own lives as Grahak fights alongside his lackeys. They defeat the orc leaving him bleeding on the ground holding in his wounds. He says one last thing,”I almost had you, didn’t I? Queen Andrea…” The eyes were horrified by what they heard so they became angered by what the orc had sad, so they executed him. They did not know how a monster like him could be in love with their great Queen. The truth was, everyone loves something. They loved the Queen in their own way, just not like how Grahak loved her, and the Queen loved the back, But Andrea would never love Grahak back. I got this idea by a previous story I had written which included a Prince from a different city who had to take back Felicity from an undead army his mother had been controlling alongside the god of the heavens. A character in the story was an eye, he had saved the Prince from being killed in the attack of his own city, Arcadia. The man was also a guard just like Haithem but he was also an “eye.” So that character inspired me to write a story involving the eyes protecting their queen with a new character named Haithem. I think differently about writing a story because I am getting my thoughts on the paper to plan instead of having the whole plot only in my head.

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