Ready Player One

Due to me being the slowest reader on the planet, I did not get extremely far into the story. However, I do enjoy the book when I read it. Relating the OASIS to other mmos is somehow a great idea for a book. I did not think that a book about a video game would be a good idea because how would you even write about that. Somehow Ernest Cline pulled through and wrote this book. I like how Wade and his online friends talk to each other because it reminds me of Xbox 360’s parties. It reminds me of the good old days where you would just have to out insult someone on the other side of your screen while shooting them in Halo. I like how he talks about mmos and it reminds me how I used to play a lot of mmos, but I never really played them for the multiplayer aspect but rather the stories. It being an mmo that is an odd reason to play, I mean it’s meant to be played with your friends but I just played by myself. So I can relate to Wade when he talks about being a solo and not wanting to be helped by other people. For some reason the added vulgarity of the book makes it seem more realistic than anything because that is how an 18 year old boy would be talking to his

friends in a video game. (well anyone would be talking like that) I have to predict that by the end of the book Wade and Aech will band together finally and find the Easter egg together to only find that there was no money in the first place. I think that the thing that will be reward to them is some unfulfilling message that says that the real prize was the adventure it gave you. The new subscription rule that the new buyers of the game that was mentioned will probably not add a subscription so Wade can go on with his days in the OASIS feeling great about being the gunter that found the Easter egg with the lack of millions of dollars by his side.

Character Breakdown: Master Chief

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