Blog 1

During the

summer I normally went to sleep at 4 in the morning, so when school started and I had to go to sleep earlier at 11 at night it was an interesting challenge. It took me a while to go to sleep but I’d say that I didn’t do too bad trying to adjust to the schedule, I had planned to meet up with my girlfriend in front of the school before homeroom but she got here first. So we met in the cafeteria and we talked for a bit. My classes are not too bad, there are a few boring ones that drag along but luckily after that I always have something I like after them. I was very confused when my history teacher was changed, first I had Murphy then I had this woman who’s name I cannot even pronounce or take the time to learn how to pronounce so what am I going to call her? Well if I knew then it wouldn’t be a fun challenge now would it? I hope that this year I will keep my streak of getting honor roll every marking period, I will be a little sad if I don’t but I will probably get over it in 15 minutes or less. My brother just went on vacation with his girlfriend and it is making me think their might be a god. The house is so quiet without him here complaining about his hours for his job at Pepsi. So if he will be away from the house a lot this year it will be a great year at Bloomsburg High School because he is very loud, every time my brother speaks it sounds like he is shouting through a bull horn. In most of my classes I have friends in, and the classes that I do not know many people in I am starting to make new friends. Well, I would call them associates because I would not talk to them outside of school, that is not to be against them it is just not something that I would wish to do.