Huck Finn changing?

Huck fin has gone threw changes threw the course of this novel, we are going to be taking a look at four events in this novel that has helped him change/grow. The first event up for discussion is when Huck is in the cabin with Pap Finn and he got a hold of some bad alcohol and chased Huck around with a knife trying to kill him. Huck saw him sleeping and got to gun and had it loaded and said to himself if Pap moves again he will shot him, eventually Huck falls asleep too. They both wake up in the morning and Pap sees the gun down and in Huck’s had and asked why he had it, Huck says someone tried breaking in. Pap says to wake him next time, Huck said he tried but Pap would not wake. This shows that yes Huck does get that Pap does things wrong but he’s still his father and loves him even after what he did to Huck his whole life. The second event we will be talking about is how and why Huck faked his death.  The morning after Pap Finn did this to Huck, he knew that he had to get away from Pap but he didn’t want to go back to the Widow. Huck went and planned out his own death he made it look like someone robbed Pap and in the process killed Huck. This showed us he can think for himself and he does not need to rely on others to live. The third event we will discus is when happened after the prank Huck pulled on Jim. He saw Jim in almost tears and he was going to kiss his feet. Huck took about 30 minuets and went over an apologized to Jim for that prank that he played on him. We saw a development of Huck, realizing that he did do something wrong and apologizing for that, he’s developing sympathy. The last and final event in these chapters that stood out to me was when we see Huck developing his sense of right and wrong.He starts to develop this characteristic and then thinks about should he turn in Jim of not because he is helping a run away slave and if anybody finds about they could kill him. But Huck does not turn Jim in, yes he might be developing right and wrong but he knows it would be wrong to turn Jim in because of what he has done for Huck.

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