My experiences with satire and humor have been here ans there without me actually realizing it. I have seen some commercials with it on TV, I have also seen it on a lot of talk shows and didn’t realize what I was laughing at. The place i have seen it the most now knowing what it is are on talk shows especially the one later in the might but most during the day have it too. The Type of humor that I enjoy most is actually satire because it making fun of a certain type of audience but it incorporating humor into it so it takes some of the blow away but still has the factor of making fun of that certain type of audience. This is the link to the YouTube video that i have choose as my example of satire. This is video makes fun of this certain schools dress code, and one other rule about bags at their school. The point that this video is trying to make is that the dress code is a little ridiculous, they stated that they cant show their legs because they are  to much of an distraction, but everyone has legs and it’s a natural part of the human body. That a girls shoulders are more distracting then a boy wearing a tank top showing all the mussels that they are working hard on. They also stated how backpacks are not about aloud in the classrooms because people could trip on  but girls are aloud to have purses because “how else would they carry everything they need around?” I think that Mark Twain’s style of writing is a type of satire and i believe that in going to find his writing very interesting and more my type of style. “He predicted, he died on April 21, 1910, of a heart attack, the day after Halley’s Comet made its closest pass. He was 74 years old.” I found this fact very very interesting because most people cant really predict their death but he managed to and he was born before the comet then he died after the comet.


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