Vertigo? how about verti-no

My initial thoughts about the film vertigo were that when it started it seemed like a normal film with someone who is has vertigo and is scared of heights and he would over come his fear over the length of this film. But things took a weird turn for me when he first saw Gavin and they talked about him following his wife. One of the many things that I liked about this film was the use of the music. How that the music had the ability to make the mood & the tone change. It being string based made a big difference too. One other thing that i liked about this film is the way the lighting and the colors were used so interchangeably and very detailed. The way the lighting changed and made the contrasts between light and dark helped bring some of the bigger points of the film.The color contrast along with the lighting  helped us understand the bigger movements of this film. The lighter colors went along with lighter music and more romantic or sad parts. But the darker lighting went along with darker music, and darker and scarier or questionable parts. What i didn’t like about the movie was that it made you think about all the things that could happen but probably would never happen. I would actually change a lot about this film, was the way they portiere Judy towards the end  of the film, she could have up and left but she stayed why? I get that she wanted him to lover her for her but don’t stay if you know whats going to happen. Also another thing why would they not have her tell him the truth about being the fake wife and the real plan? why make him have to figure it out himself that kinda made me a little mad. And why make her think a ghost came back and leave us on a cliff hanger ohh over all good film

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