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Blog 10

The topic I have choose to debate about is whether or not parents should be aloud to change their child’s gender. I am against changing your child’s gender for many reasons. I believe that it is the child’s decision, they can not help the gender they were born and if they ask to change genders, what are you going to say that you choose their gender and they cannot? I believe someone is born in the gender they are supposed to be in but every now and again there are mistakes made and they change their gender but that ok it how they are identifying. Prior to my research i knew very little about the topic, last year in my bio 2 class we talked about it when we talked about DNA and cells but only very briefly. I got  lot of different articles trying to explain the benefits  of it, the cons of it, and then some websites had both the pros & cons. I got 3 articles but when i reworded how i said it i got many more. I plan to explain the logical benefits  of changing your baby’s gender but i also plan of showing all the cons to changing your baby’s gender. The ethical argument i will bring is is do you really want to mess with genetics and fate, and what you could get messing with both of those. I plan on having a strong argument for both sides but i am leaning towards the negative side myself. The emotion I plan on bringing is the is worry. I plan on bringing worry because if there are a huge amounts for health risk involved in changing gender after the embryo has made up whats it going to be.  so i want people to worry for these baby’s health and question the parents about why they are doing this to their child. My classmates should worry about this topic because yes is in our future and some might consider it if they don’t really get the gender they were looking for so i wanted to tell then about while they are young so that they don’t make any stupid decisions. “A ban on sex selection may well be justified in counties like China and India where the predominance of son-preference has already led to a significant shortage of girls.” This is a example of why I believe that we should not have to opportunity to change our child’s gender.