January 2019 archive

blog #9

Well tbh coming back to school was not the best thing I have done in my life, Well so far in school I have forgotten homework and had to finish it while writing this blog and kinda not ready to get a test back. Hmm I would change the fact that im a huge procrastinator, I want to stop waiting to do things till the last minuet and start doing my homework/blogs the nights i get them and get. them out of the way. i would want to change this behavior because taking it into my adult life because i the work place you have deadlines and you mess something up it will effect you a little but it will affect the company more then myself because I represent them. I would like to improve they way i treat other and myself, i don’t treat some people like they are not humans sometimes, I also don’t treat myself the best  i don’t put myself very high and i think im a big reason why i don’t dot he things i used to love. I want to change this because it not the healthiest mentally to do. I think its more other people who need to stop and think about what they say to other and how they treat them because others can break people and maybe themselves in the process. I can go about it by trying to see myself better then i think i and others do. I can stick to the plan that i have made for myself to help lose weight ans make myself feel a little better. And today im actually doing my homework a while before it was due shook. Things that would prevent this would be me wanting to not work out or wake up at all.