No more poetry?

So umm I guess you can say my like for poverty stayed neutralish because its not the easiest thing to write and most of them are kind of hard to understand. But on the other had i have a lot of respect for people who write it and write it for a living cause lets be honest i could never do that for a living i can barley write one for class. Writing poetry with requirements¬† has affected the way i look at poetry because¬† i don’t wanna write it ever again like bye. But I don’t like writing it anymore, I thought writing it would be just as easy as reading it but oh boy i was so so wrong.What changed my approve/understanding from one poem to the other poem is that i had no clue what i was doing the first time i was just going off what i was told. But the second poem i had am idea of what i was doing and it kinds helped me farm the poem more, and i had a lot more understanding of elements going from one to the other. My second poem was just a hopefully better version of my first poem and to incorporate visuals would not be that difficult but it would take a lot of thinking and planing out of what i would want to put as my visuals. Visuals would aid my poem, it would help them get more feeling from the poem and hopefully understand the poem more. The visuals would have to go along with whatever poem you wrote and then you would have to drawn everything very carefully and just make sure its fits just right with the poem but if its right you they can bring a lot to the plate.

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