Like any other high school drama i guess..

My story is about a girl named Alynna shes a junior at McKinley high school in Pennsylvania. She caption of the cheer team, in their marching band, and shes in STEM. But Alynna has one problem she has fallen for the Quarter back of the football team Derek. Derek is tall wavy, thick brown hair, and is dating her best friend. One day she sits down ans writes a letter about how she feels for Derek and he gets the letter…, He walks up to her letter in hand . ” I had no clue you felt this way.” said Derek. “Omg you were not supposed to get that” said Alynna. Why i feel the same way Derek says. And i broke up with Morgan because i had feelings for you.¬† When they got together the ex girlfriend Morgan her goal is to destroy there relationship like Alynna didn’t realize she did. . I got the idea form me being a huge fan of drama and watching so many chick flicks but them put together like im doing makes it sounds like an amazing story. They have helped me learn more about my characters and develop the story better. The process has changed for me at least because we are taking it one little pert at a time to put everything to together. It helping me understand how much work goes into writing a story. Writing a story is not just throw everything the things we have been doing in class have helped me analyze and build stories¬† You learn how to do the little things and you learn to do them well. The little things that we have been doing have helped me brainstorm and set up a good basis for my story. So this has helped me realize to make a good or great story you care.

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