The concept presented in this story is greed leading a person/group to their own downfall can be seen in today society, you can see on the news that people who are doing thing so they can further themselves in life, or people who are doing things and they only do the things they do because it would befit them and nobody else around them. One of the things a modern reader should learn from this story if if you are greedy enough it will come back and bit you, Tom was so greedy that he never shared anything and his wife was the same way. You would think he would have learned from finding the heart and live it would have shown him whats happens when you are too greedy. But in the end Tom still made the deal with the Devil. Other evils that we have see throughout history to today are people murdering others to befit, gain, or even do it just for fun, we still have people killing others which is completely wrong. I personally think that doing drug is a true evil, they have been here for centuries now and the dug epidemic keeps getting worse and worse. Taking, doing, selling, and making drugs is evil in my eyes because, people are dying from drugs every day and people are still doing more ham then good. Yes i think both of things have remain contains and are becoming more and more popular and overwhelming. Evil to me is when someone i doing something wrong and they know that it is wrong and they wont do anything to stop it. Evil is someone who also deal out a great amount of pain and suffering to get something. Evil can look just like you and me but on the inside they are dark and twisted, they get humor in someone else’s pain and suffering. Evil is the sound of pain and suffering yet you still hear someone laughing along to the pain and suffering but personally i think evil has no true sound




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