The Devil and Tom Walker

My Initial reaction to the Devil and Tom walker was that in the beginning TomĀ  was a semi decent person, and his wife was just a pure rotten person. Then the story started to take an interesting turn. When Tom took that ” short cut” threw the swamp and we first got to meet the Devil. The devil introduces himself and we get the complicating factor. The Devil and Tom walker sounds like old stories about mermaids and how they would use there song and lead sailors to the untimely death, and the ones not killed would be scared and haunted forever. The Devil and tom walker is also different the most stories i have read growing up. Most stories if someone has a bad trait, through out the story they would try to change it and in the end they end up changing it in the end. For example In how the Grinch stole Christmas, The Grinch is mad because he is never included in the celebration so he now hate Christmas. But one the gets included he sees thing differently and has a positive look on Christmas. But with The Devil and Tom walker Tom is a greedy person and once his wife dies you thing that he would changeĀ  but Tom does not change one bit he makes a deal. The society i think t author he is describing in one full of greed and is corrupt. The point he is trying to make is that greed can and will corrupt you and your mind at some point if you let it control your life. The things i think i would change is Where and when it was set, also i would give a better description of Tom and his wife. I would also make it over something more prevalent, and change the setting to high school and instead of greed taking over popularity should take over.

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