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Like any other high school drama i guess..

My story is about a girl named Alynna shes a junior at McKinley high school in Pennsylvania. She caption of the cheer team, in their marching band, and shes in STEM. But Alynna has one problem she has fallen for the Quarter back of the football team Derek. Derek is tall wavy, thick brown hair, and is dating her best friend. One day she sits down ans writes a letter about how she feels for Derek and he gets the letter…, He walks up to her letter in hand . ” I had no clue you felt this way.” said Derek. “Omg you were not supposed to get that” said Alynna. Why i feel the same way Derek says. And i broke up with Morgan because i had feelings for you.  When they got together the ex girlfriend Morgan her goal is to destroy there relationship like Alynna didn’t realize she did. . I got the idea form me being a huge fan of drama and watching so many chick flicks but them put together like im doing makes it sounds like an amazing story. They have helped me learn more about my characters and develop the story better. The process has changed for me at least because we are taking it one little pert at a time to put everything to together. It helping me understand how much work goes into writing a story. Writing a story is not just throw everything the things we have been doing in class have helped me analyze and build stories  You learn how to do the little things and you learn to do them well. The little things that we have been doing have helped me brainstorm and set up a good basis for my story. So this has helped me realize to make a good or great story you care.


The concept presented in this story is greed leading a person/group to their own downfall can be seen in today society, you can see on the news that people who are doing thing so they can further themselves in life, or people who are doing things and they only do the things they do because it would befit them and nobody else around them. One of the things a modern reader should learn from this story if if you are greedy enough it will come back and bit you, Tom was so greedy that he never shared anything and his wife was the same way. You would think he would have learned from finding the heart and live it would have shown him whats happens when you are too greedy. But in the end Tom still made the deal with the Devil. Other evils that we have see throughout history to today are people murdering others to befit, gain, or even do it just for fun, we still have people killing others which is completely wrong. I personally think that doing drug is a true evil, they have been here for centuries now and the dug epidemic keeps getting worse and worse. Taking, doing, selling, and making drugs is evil in my eyes because, people are dying from drugs every day and people are still doing more ham then good. Yes i think both of things have remain contains and are becoming more and more popular and overwhelming. Evil to me is when someone i doing something wrong and they know that it is wrong and they wont do anything to stop it. Evil is someone who also deal out a great amount of pain and suffering to get something. Evil can look just like you and me but on the inside they are dark and twisted, they get humor in someone else’s pain and suffering. Evil is the sound of pain and suffering yet you still hear someone laughing along to the pain and suffering but personally i think evil has no true sound




The Devil and Tom Walker

My Initial reaction to the Devil and Tom walker was that in the beginning Tom  was a semi decent person, and his wife was just a pure rotten person. Then the story started to take an interesting turn. When Tom took that ” short cut” threw the swamp and we first got to meet the Devil. The devil introduces himself and we get the complicating factor. The Devil and Tom walker sounds like old stories about mermaids and how they would use there song and lead sailors to the untimely death, and the ones not killed would be scared and haunted forever. The Devil and tom walker is also different the most stories i have read growing up. Most stories if someone has a bad trait, through out the story they would try to change it and in the end they end up changing it in the end. For example In how the Grinch stole Christmas, The Grinch is mad because he is never included in the celebration so he now hate Christmas. But one the gets included he sees thing differently and has a positive look on Christmas. But with The Devil and Tom walker Tom is a greedy person and once his wife dies you thing that he would change  but Tom does not change one bit he makes a deal. The society i think t author he is describing in one full of greed and is corrupt. The point he is trying to make is that greed can and will corrupt you and your mind at some point if you let it control your life. The things i think i would change is Where and when it was set, also i would give a better description of Tom and his wife. I would also make it over something more prevalent, and change the setting to high school and instead of greed taking over popularity should take over.

Notes… notes… and more notes

The notes that we went over in class were very helpful to explain the elements of a short story. I have looked at stories differently since those notes and class descriptions, i have had to read children’s stories this weekend to my little cousin and i have realized to adults of older kids there is a lesson to be learned but to little kids its a funny or cute little story.The thing that most got me like oh i never knew or thought about that before it was Milieu. The story i put that with was the sisters keeper, the sister had to help keep her sister alive. But her parents never let her voice her opinion, then one day they wanted her to donate her kidney and she had enough. The feelings i got from her was anger, lonely, invisible. It dose change the way i look at the story because you’r reading this story and you are trying to figure out what everyone feels and they I try bring in there shoes and see if I would have the same emotions, this is not only for this book/ story but all of then I read. When you are observing something you look but never ask questions or participate, but when your an active participant you ask questions and participate. When in a story is no different, observers juts read it never get “hooked” or ask important questions. A active participant will get “hooked” and ask important questions. I’m more active because i get hooked and ask myself important questions through out the story. I could make the transition by not getting hooked and not asking important questions to myself. My second week was pretty stressful, STEM classes started and all my other classed picked up there pace so i got a little look at the rest of my very stressful year.