First week

So my first week was kind of┬áchaotic… it all started with the first day. I walked in a realized i never missed the school. The week went by pretty fast, and Friday i went to the elementary schools and it was a great. Friday night we had our first football game and it started out ok then it ended up being a terrible the final score was 56 to 6 but the band marched for the first time on a football field this season. The classes in taking i know its going they are going to be hard but i will live. I left early everyday because stem has not started yet. I have up to 5/6 and then i will go up to the collage everyday from 12-2. My classes at the high school are pretty great. Band has been a fun experiences especially with the new dictator needed change. My Genghis class is pretty chill and fun i look forward to taking it. My prob & stat class is ok i mostly like all the stories being told there. My chem class is doing to be challenge but a fun welcomed challenge. My american cultures class is going to be interesting this year. This year has brought a lot of changes but they are all welcome. I have had the honor to be able to be in the stem program. But i have also had to take on a lot more homework, its only the first week and i have had to make a presentation and a chem project, oh and also this blog. The first week was a little stress full but my year can only get better from here right? Or at least i hope it will get better and easier from here. All and all im happy with how the first week turned out.

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