Frogs, Finn, and iMom

I thinkĀ “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” hit some high notes, but also missed a crucial key of directing the point of the writing across to the audience. The general style of writing was enjoyable and well thought out in my opinion. The dialect difference was obvious and effective as soon as Wheeler began his narrative. When the readers start reading, the narrator doesn’t seem too different from the average book, perhaps a little more posh, but not too much different from anything else we would have read. As soon as we read Wheeler’s story, we see a dramatic shift in the dialect that highlights the drastic difference between the two people and the two levels of society they represent. While there was humor in the exaggeration in Wheeler’s story, I feel like the point of humor is for the audience to get it. It is somewhat difficult to discern the real purpose of the story, therefore making it unappealing to an audience looking for humor.

I actually read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” in sixth grade or so. Therefore, it is quite difficult for me to have any real anticipatory thoughts regarding the plot of the book. I can anticipate however that I will likely learn some more background details, intended humor, and underlying meanings within the novel that I didn’t catch the first time. I already know the basic plot, characters, and setting. I think that I will be able to recognize humor and satire better after reading this novel. I think I will also be able to appreciate written satire more after reading this. As of now, written satire is not my favorite as I like cartoon satire more. But perhaps a new understanding of this will help me like it more.

I thought it hit a direct shot at the technology and mindset it was aiming for. It was both satiring the advancements of technology and parenthood. I thought the presentation was direct and easily understood by a wide audience. I think the commentary is accurate and well-founded based on how the world is today.

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