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My debate topic is about whether we as a country should keep the electoral college or abolish it. My assigned position is to argue that we should keep the electoral college as a part of our political system. This is the polar opposite of my actual position regarding this debate. Prior to research, I already knew that the electoral college was outlined in our Constitution and has been in effect since. It essentially was originally designed to prevent presidents being elected by an uninformed population. Instead, the people would elect a certain member of the electoral college based on whether they would put their electoral vote for a certain candidate. The electoral college would then vote on the presidential candidates and whichever candidate won above a certain number of electoral votes would then be President. I disagree with this because the reasoning this system is based on is no longer relevant to the US anymore. A google search brings up information about it, how many times attempts to remove it has failed, and why certain majorities see it as an advantage they can use to secure political power (predominantly Republican and swing states). Because I am to argue for keeping the electoral college, one logical approach I can use is that there is a better certain outcome because it is less likely for people to dispute the outcome of an electoral vote in contrast to a purely popular vote. There are some ethical issues surrounding this topic, but all the ones I have found (example: electors being pressured to vote one way or another against their own conscience) help the side I am against in this debate. Perhaps more research will turn up a few that will aid me? This can become a heavily emotional debate for many reasons. People tend to have strong opinions regarding this because it affects their power as a state (republican vs democratic, also swing states). Others get emotional about this because they blame the system for how the outcome came out.  But the biggest reason is how it affects their representation. As I think of it, the president is meant to be a president for all the people, not for a select 538.

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