I think this film was pretty good, I don’t find old movies to be very interesting but it wasn’t boring like many. It definitely sticks out because it does not romanticize the idea of success and wealth like almost any other movie has, but instead paints it in a negative light. Everybody needs to see the dark sides of stories sometimes and that’s good. It’s strange that he was not capable of loving as well, as I’ll talk about I understand why he craves love and attention, but the inability to return it is a trauma that must go deep and doesn’t make sense to me. You would think that he would want to return it since he couldn’t love his parents for all those years and he probably wanted someone there for him, but instead he never really learned how to love I guess. I liked that concept, it makes his character much more mysterious and illusive.

The theme present is that money cannot buy happiness. He has all of the money in the world, and he uses it for whatever he can think of, yet he still cannot find happiness. It’s as if he’s trying to spend it all because he strives to live that simple life that he would have had if he had lived poor with his parents. That’s the only time he seemed to be happy, that’s why his sled rosebud is so important to him. As a comment on the American dream, he is a great example because he started out poor and then grew a business of his own, amassing enormous amounts of wealth and living in style buying anything he wanted. Everyone knew his name, and people were interested in the story of him when he died. That’s the so called American Dream, to make it from nothing and be successful and wealthy, then to be remembered when you die. But, this film is just showing how that dream does not automatically make you happy, you can be in very dark and sad places while you are successful. Money does not equal happiness, and a life like that is usually not as good as it seems on movie screens or in the media. The key figures of his parents let him down, allowing his to be taken away to a boarding school and raised by someone else, they did not care for him as they should of and this stuck with him for his whole life. He wanted that love and validation he had been missing, but was unable to give it to anybody in return, as seen with his two wives in the film. Charles cannot be happy because all he wanted was a simple life with the people who could have cared for him, but he got quite the opposite and could never gain that back, it was too late.

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