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The short story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cavaleras County” was well written to get across the point it was trying to make. Although I found it boring and dry, the use of satire in the purpose of the writing was good. It was trying to make out the point not to judge a book by it’s cover, the man was smart enough to realize he was being asked this question with the assumptions that he wasn’t very bright, so he intentionally wasted the younger mans time with a pointless story, basically mocking him for being stupid enough to sit through the whole thing instead of leaving.

I don’t know much about Huck Finn going into this, so I really don’t have too many expectations. I know that there is a lot of satire, so I’m hoping the humorous elements make it an enjoyable story. All i knew going in is that this book is about Huck Finn and his adventures, and after class discussions, his adventures with Tom. I think we will definitely learn a lesson from this book, it deals with slavery issues and social issues. I also learned after discussions that Huck is a poor child from a very broken family, that is a sad situation and will be interesting to see hoe the other characters address that aspect of Huck and see if they treat him any differently than other characters because of it.

The iMom short film was interesting, I think the most unique aspect of it is that it didn’t call technology evil, but said that it is what we make of it. Our over use of technology and our laziness as human beings is being satirized. My reaction is that it’s making fun of many americans and families that are not functioning right, I think that this is funny because it really is a problem that many don’t see as serious, and this makes people seem ridiculous for not realizing or fixing what is wrong. I think the commentary on technology was good, and the slightly shocking ending points out that humans have flaws, and we hand that on to the technology we create, it’s a scary thing to create something so powerful. 

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