Satire and humor are encountered in every day life. It’s been very prevalent in popular media. I probably enjoy self deprecating and topical humor the most. Self deprecating jokes are often seen on the internet, as memes are posted on every platform. It also makes situations and problems a little lighter when you allow yourself to joke about them. Sometimes life needs to be taken a little less seriously, my friends and I send each other memes all the time. Topical humor also makes light of some situations, but also calls attention to some matters. For a lot of examples you need to have previous knowledge or context of the issue being talked about, and that makes it funnier in most cases, because people who are not aware of the real situation either get very confused or believe misinformation. Saturday Night live is an example of topical humor, with segments such as weekend updates. This segment specifically covers current issues, in the clip I provided it addressed childhood diabetes and the problem our country has with marketing overly sugary everything to kids, Trump supporters and their views as well as some of their hypocrisies, and drug issues. It was the cleanest weekend update clip I could find so not the best examples out there but they’ll do.


I know nothing about Mark Twain or his style of writing. I have heard of some of his works but don’t know what any of them are actually about. I find it funny that after he wrote a novel that “attacked political corruption‚ big business, and the American obsession with getting rich” they finished building an “elaborate 25-room house on Farmington Avenue‚ which had cost the then-huge sum of $40‚000-$45‚000”. This makes me question the authenticity of some of his work, as he was blatantly hypocritical on that front. It’s also surprising that he allowed himself to get to the point of bankruptcy even after all of his financial success, but he was smart enough to get out of that situation at least. I’d like to know more about some of his later works that were not published during his lifetime, I want to know what was so controversial at the time.

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