Civil Disobedience

I loosely agree that “government is best which governs least”. I think that the people need to have more input for it to be effective and provide good guidelines for a society which tries to tend to the needs of all its people without discriminating against any groups of people. Government is in place to prevent crimes and give each citizen input, freedom, a safe place to live, and basic rights. A government is supposed to be “of the people, for the people, by the people”, in essence there is never supposed to be anyone having advantages over another in their say on how the country is governed. But, we know this does not always work out fairly and of course government can not meet every individual’s needs, but can do its best to cater to the largest majority possible.

A government that would command my respect is one that truly focused on the best interests of the people, and had fair elections without electoral college or any of that bull that takes power away from the direct voices of us. I would respect a president who voiced their opinion well instead of speaking before thinking, and someone who does not come from an extremely wealthy upbringing but understands the struggles and needs of all people. They would have my respect because we need someone who can really be a voice for the people and holds true to the values supposed to be represented by our government. 

I see the role of civil disobedience today as movements making everyone aware of the faults in our systems, and us finally fighting for what we believe is right. No one seems too afraid to voice their opinions on what needs to change anymore. This of course is not the most effective though considering people on both sides of arguments are practically screaming, with every man having conflicting thoughts and ideas of what an ideal government is, it is quite impossible to achieve. But, hopefully some good improvements are made by bringing issues to light and demanding to be heard. It’s always better than staying quiet or being drowned out by others.

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