My thoughts and understanding of arguments has slightly changed throughout this unit. The controlled environment of the classroom and prepared debates allows both sides to be heard and gives opportunity to properly question arguments that aren’t clear or valid, once you get out of this controlled argument/debate situation however, arguments are just a mess that usually goes to whoever has the last word on the matter. We argue over the smallest things, which often don’t have a case, and we often oversimplify arguments on important issues by not having facts or listening to those of the opposing opinions. Facebook is a perfect example of people arguing for the sake of it and posting countless articles with, surprise, no real facts to back them up in most cases. People really need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves unless they’re educated on both sides of the matter, because if you don’t recognize what could be pros to a matter you will never know how to respond to those kinds of questions and you’ll look like an uneducated idiot to be honest. I try not to argue that often, I only do when it’s on things I truly believe I’m right about or have a good opinion on, I have of course fallen into arguments that I’m not too educated on though as most everybody has, it’s impossible to avoid in life and everyday interactions considering some people love to argue and get people heated. Peers and adults often argue the same, I even think that kids my age tend to build stronger arguments since they think people will doubt their opinions based on our age. Like with parents, you could build the most sound argument with all of the facts and examples you could possibly have, but it can always come down to “I’m your parent” or “one more word and you’re grounded” or more often some choice words better not said. I personally find it impossible to debate anything with my mom so I leave that be.


Developing a valid argument comes down to research and knowing the ins and outs of both sides, if you know something the other person isn’t aware of you can wear them down and use it to your advantage. As far as my change in thoughts about argument, it’s fairly similar to before the unit. The only thing is that I have never put too much thought into the questions to ask, you never really prepare anything for everyday arguments so it was weird to have to come up with questions before hearing what the other person has to say. Developing a persuasive speech was easy but time consuming and a bit boring considering I wasn’t interested in my topic. But the concept of real arguments is interesting and I wish everyone was open about discussions instead of shutting them down when it doesn’t go their way.

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