My topic is pay-to-play High School sports. I’m on the con side which won’t be too much of a challenge to argue. I’m in the gray area on this topic but if I had to pick one this honestly would not be my personal position because of people not caring enough to put effort into things that could be amazing if everyone brought energy and a passion to be better, paying is motivation to do well and not waste anything. Prior to research I know that some schools require kids to pay a fee each season they play a particular sport, this goes towards some of the expenses like uniforms, competitions, equipment, warm-ups, etc. With a quick google search it’s clear that the topic is somewhat split, with there being many pros, but heavier more controversial cons. Logically a large part of this argument is to play on emotions and try to get the audience to be empathetic towards kids who would not get to play, and the effects it could have on them making them believe that from the start the world is just looking down not letting them rise up from financial situations. Morals would be what I previously stated, that it’s not right to make it harder for kids coming from lower classes or homes without disposable income to do something that can take them away from the hardships at home for a while, sports has always been something accessible to everyone at some level and to exclude them from that would be extremely immoral. Emotions of being outcast and alone, lots of sympathy and empathy because a majority of people play or have played sports. In a school like Bloomsburg, this simply would not fly with the community. Our teams would likely dwindle down to too little people to even play games, and it would become un-enjoyable to them. Although we could have fundraisers so that our programs could improve and all kids could have chances, we already have a lot of fundraisers going on and adding to that is just spreading the donations and support from people thin. It’s likely that they will raise money to play, but it will not be enough, richer communities could work out how to do this, but why?

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