Scientific and commercial animal testing is a current issue. The pro animal testing side supports it because of the contributions it has supposedly made to life saving cures and treatments. The anti animal testing side believes that it is cruel and inhumane, as well as inaccurate so we should use different methods of testing. Main arguments for it would be that it is more humane to test on animals than on humans, there is no adequate alternative to testing on a living whole-body system, and animal research is regulated, animals don’t have rights. Arguments against argues that they’re are alternative methods, animals are very different than humans and are not suitable subjects, and drugs that pass animal tests may not be safe for humans. I am against animal testing because I think it’s cruel the way it’s carried out most times.

My school year has been going pretty good, college classes were extremely stressful and especially the finals, but that finally paid off. I got an A in intro to Engineering and a B in python programming, that was a huge relief to get grades back. I need to change my studying habits a bit, even though I made it through and got good grades I procrastinated until I had to pull some all nighters in order to cram for tests. My sleep schedule really needs to be fixed. I got a fit bit so I guess I can see how much I really sleep each night, and go from there deciding how much I need and when I need to go to sleep to accomplish that. I can either go the easy way and just go to bed earlier, or I could do it the hard way and find out the minimum amount of sleep I really need. Something that would prevent me from making this change is losing that time at night that I use to relax and talk to people, night is the one time that no one is busy so I talk to friends and that’s an important part of my day, if I sleep in that time I lose out on conversations and wouldn’t stay as close with my friends.

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