Trying to be morally perfect has once again proven to be impossible for another person. I ended up with quite a few dots on my sheet even if I don’t think I did anything too bad, the dots seemed to be recurring after the same virtues again and again. Resolution, justice, sincerity, order, gratitude, silence, tranquility, prudence, industry, and moderation are all virtues that I violated at least once over the course of this past week. Ten out of fifteen virtues violated, that’s not a very good record, but I am not surprised because of the content of most of them. A lot have to do with time management and organization in your life which I know I’m not very good at right now, I have my own order and way of getting things done and while it may not be the most effective, it works for┬áme and I would rather have it that way than change things and be “perfect” in my efforts. That would require me to take out pretty much all of the leisure which I need sometimes to just de-stress and ignore some problems for a while just for the sake of peace. Constantly doing something just for the sake of always being productive like with industry seems a bit draining, of course if you can accomplish that than good for you but you’re stronger than me I’ll just be over here taking a nap thanks. Resolution was a pretty big problem too, some days I was productive and got what I needed to get done pretty easily, but others I either didn’t get things done or I failed at getting them done how I wanted to. As far as silence goes, I’m a teenager, I don’t have the smartest thoughts, of course I’m going to say things that don’t need to be said. With sincerity I don’t think I did anything wrong, hurtful, or deceitful. But, I definitely thought some of them, even if you perfect the outwards presentation of sincerity you need to genuinely be morally perfect in order to not think anything bad on anyone. That’s respectable but I’m truly not sure if that’s possible to do, I think everyone has some bad thoughts one time or another and has to get angry or upset at some points even if they are rare.

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