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“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”- Green Day

The American Dream is that if you work hard you can be successful and make a lot of money. Once you get that money you can be happy instead of miserable like you were when you were poor.

The film wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but I gave it a really low expectation. So I don’t know if that helped the movie or not. I get that they had to have all the movie aspects to make Kane’s death more dramatic but they kinda screwed the explanation the guy tried to give when he heard Kane say “rosebud”. Unless you were paying attention at that part or had that lovely construction outside when watching it you missed him saying that he was there and he knew that rosebud was his last word. Also how do we know it was his sled? They burned it and no one was paying attention to it. So how?

Charles can’t be happy because he wants to be loved but not give any love out that’s why his second wife left him. She was mad he wouldn’t give her anything that actually made her happy. Charles also hit her and was not sorry and asked made all these promises to try and make her stay and he says “can’t do this to me”. Well there are many ways to mess up talking to a woman and that is one of them. If shes mad at you for being full of yourself and not thinking about her then you don’t ask her not to do something for you. That’s almost as smart as Giovanni trying to talk to Beatrice.

“Loves on his own terms and the only terms everybody knows”. He wanted Susan to sing even though everybody knew she could not and she did not want to herself. He also wrote her a bad review for her performance because he wanted to make a point to another writer. He built an opera house to make a point as well. He bought how many statues for his mansion and filled it with things. Not matter how much money he has and he spends (because he has nothing better to do) he still is not happy. Charles cannot love others. He refuses too. He had a privileged life and that’s how he got to start his life so successful (he did not have to work too hard). He did not start at the bottom and get all the money he wanted to be happy. He started off very well and was not happy because he did not want to love others. When Charles bought the newspaper company many people tried to tell him not too and then later they all were on board with him helping with the yellow journalism. Kane also made his Declaration of Principle for his newspaper but still used yellow journalism.

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