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“We’re Not Going To Take It”- Twisted Sister

I don’t think that a government should be overbearing and extremely controlling but they should have some backbone to keep people in line. People have to follow laws to be citizens of that nation and they need laws to follow. As long as the government is not trying to control everything in each persons individual lives but is helping people in general is okay. The government should give a final say in state laws and state laws are a semi-final say in local laws as long as it doesn’t interfere with the constitution. Federal government to local government should not have control over everything they do as individuals but should understand if it wasn’t for the people they couldn’t run their government.

A dictatorship would demand your respect and most governments. Even Americas government has people who expect respect and not earn it through their actions. Its part of humans to be greedy and want something for themselves and if people who can’t put others before them in their position of power they do not deserve that position. There are good people in government that is why with America we take so long becasue everyone argues about everything to make it better for the people, or for some, better for themselves. The few good people in government will be taking action to earn the respect for the people because they know their government is useless without the people. A dictatorship is a good example of when a government expects and demands respect over earning it.

Civil disobedience is a peaceful type of protest that the person refuses to follow certain laws or pay taxes because it goes against what they think. I don’t think that there is much of a difference in civil disobedience now compared to what it was then not many people always use it. I guess a lot of people can because most media will show the people who get violent or have fights at protest even if it was supposed to be peaceful. People who even try to could get into fights and that’s what the media would cover, not the actual reason why. If you could be as famous as Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr with your peaceful protest go you, but unless you massive support immediately or get the medias attention in your first attempt its not really going to work. It is still effective but you need support and not just a few people.

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