Blog 22: Citizen Kane

I actually did not mind the movie, it wasn’t terrible, but I would not go out of my way to watch this movie. I think it was a good idea for the directors or producers or whoever thought of the idea that the reporter should go on a quest to figure out why Kane’s last words were Rosebud. Through this reporter’s journey talking to people that knew Kane, we learned a lot about Kane. We learned that he had lived a life of luxury but he was not happy. I do not think that he ever felt the love in his life. His parents gave him up and he was divorced twice. The only time I think he was truly happy was when he went sledding when he was younger. It was like he felt free and that there were no worries in the world. He just felt happy. In the point of the movie where they show him running the newspaper business, he is rich but is still not happy. The whole idea of the American Dream is that if you make a lot of money you will be happy. But in Kane’s case, that was not true. I am sure that a lot of other rich people are also not happy. Everyone thinks that if you make tons of money then you’ll have everything you want. Ever heard of the saying “money can’t buy you happiness”? I’m sure that is not completely true. There are many things that I can think of that I could buy ad they would make me happy. But there also problems that money cannot solve. In Kane’s case that was love. He married twice and divorced twice. He died unhappily and unfulfilled with his life. He spent so much time being the best he could be but didn’t take into consideration that to be your best you have to be happy. His second wife Suzie was upset after a while of being married to him. He said that he would change for her, but Suzie did think that could happen and she was too upset and unhappy. He had everything he wanted except for love and happiness. When the end of the movie came up I really thought it was going to just end without telling us what Rosebud meant. The last part of the film was a guy throwing his childhood sled into the fire to destroy it because they thought it wasn’t worth anything. That sled was probably the most important thing that he owned. It did have any value money wise, but it had value to him. 

Blog 21: poems

The poems that we read in class focus on society and how society is viewed from someone that does not belong or thinks that they do not belong in society. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot, Prufrock describes how he feels as he is looking at everyone in high society. He feels like he does not belong because he is lower in society. He mentions that sees women discussing art and he feels that he can not go in and talk to them because he is not worth their time. Prufrock also tells about how we put on different faces everywhere we go so people do not know what we are actually feeling. “Disillusionment at 10 o’clock,” tells about the way that people live their life in a fog and how we should follow certain rules and dress a certain way. He wrote about white nightgowns compared to colorful ones to show the lack of interest to stand out. The next thing he explains is the “drunken sailor” and how a person that is living outside of society is living fully and someone that is not letting themselves be different is not. “anyone lived in a pretty how town,” there is a use of not being identifying. This person “anyone” lives in a plain, normal town. This poem is about no one and everyone at the same time. Most people experience the same things in their life. They experience life, death, and other things. Lives will come and go no matter who we are and who we meet and who we interact with. In regards to society, I think that many people are judged just because they are lower or higher up in society. These authors of the poems write about how the world is around them and what it is really like.

Blog 20

In my opinion, I liked the short story. At first, I did not understand it at all because I do not like reading things that are made to sound “smart”. I just do not really comprehend things that very highly educated people say sometimes. I did kind of like how it was in the narrator’s point of view and that he was listening to a story being told. The use of humor was good I guess. In my opinion, I thought that the things that Simon Wheeler made up were pretty ridiculous. I thought it was smart of him to be making fun of people that were highly educated, but they do not realize when someone is not telling them a true story. My anticipations for “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are very non-existent. I do not know anything about this book. I am sure that there will be a lot of things that are being satirized and a lot of humor since there was a lot of that in “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”. In my opinion, I thought the short film, “iMom”, was kind of funny when the parents were talking like they were being interviewed. There were different kinds of parents which I thought was interesting. You had the parents who were on the edge of divorce, thinking they do not do enough, young parents, and single parent. Those types of parents were being satirized. I know the whole thing was dark, but it was interesting to think that that could happen to us in the future. We could have robots that do things for us. I mean look at where we are right now. We have self-driving cars that obviously drive for us and Roombas that will clean our floors because we are a lazy generation of humans. 

Blog 19: Satire

I pretty much enjoy most any type of humor. Unless you are making fun of me, but sometimes I’ll still find something funny about it. It also doesn’t help that I pretty much laugh at anything and everything no matter what it is. The only type of humor that I do not really like is dark humor. I just don’t see a point in turning something depressing into something funny, but that might make a situation better for someone I guess. I would say that my favorite type of humor is physical humor, but that is my own personal opinion about it. I think that would be everyone’s favorite type of humor. The fact that we enjoy the pain of others and watching them fail at things make me think about what is wrong with us, but it is a natural thing that everyone does. I know that I do it all the time. Especially if it is one of my friends. I do not think I could stop myself from laughing at them.

I feel like Mark Twain and I would have gotten along quite well if I lived back in his time. His style of writing was humorous.  One thing I did not know about Mark Twain was that his name was actually Samuel L. Clemens. I thought that was pretty interesting. I also found out that he dropped out of school in the 5th grade. To be honest that does not really sound real to me. How could someone that was around the age of 11 or 12 drop out of school? I also learned that he and his wife were married for 34 years until she died. His wife actually rejected his first proposal but eventually married in 1870. They had four children together, a son and three daughters. Unfortunately, their only son died of diphtheria a year and a half after he was born. Apparently, a film that was taken in 1906by Thomas Edison is the only known footage of him. I would say that those were some pretty interesting things about him. Maybe you didn’t even know them.

3Q IR: Five Feet Apart

The book that I chose to read for my 3rd quarter IR book was Five Feet Apart written by Rachael Lippincott. This was by far one of the best books I have ever read. I have also watched the movie and I think they are both great. If you are a fan of dramatic romance books, you would love this one. There really was not anything that I did not like about this book. One of my favorite parts of this book was how hard Stella tried to not fall in love with Will, but there was no way that she couldn’t. I think that is one of the cutest things. This really just gets the reader more attached to the characters. I know that it did for me. Stella has a youtube channel where she uploads a bunch of videos about her daily life and routines. Once Will finds out about the videos that she makes, he watches all of them to learn more about her. In my opinion that is the cutest thing ever. I know that I will probably be saying that during this whole entire blog, but that is just how I feel. Barb, the nurse in charge of keeping Stell and Will apart, is worried about them being together. I think she is a very important character in this book. She is worried about them being together because she had two patients before who fell in love but were too close to each other. Those two patients ended up infecting each other and they died. In my opinion, this story that Barb told them just adds to them trying to find ways around their disease. This is a very important part of the plot of the story. The author did a great job making this one thing the obstacle in the story. Sneaking around Barb and not contracting their diseases are the most important things to them. At some points, the author makes a point to show that sometimes those things don’t matter if you are in love and want to be together. I really do not know why Poe, Stella’s best friend, had to die when things were just getting good. It was a major heartbreaker for me. Poe was always the positive one in the group and was always trying to make things seem a whole lot better. I do not really know if it is possible for me to love and ending and also hate it at the same time, but that is how I felt at the end of the book. Will and Stela were hanging out by a pond when Stella decided that she would go out on the ice and skate around. I am pretty sure we all knew what was coming next. Stella fell into the water and Will fished her out and had to give her CPR. Will was running out of oxygen because he was giving all of it to Stella. Will basically passed out but I thought he was a goner. Fortunately, Stella had the operation to get new lungs to survive. Will ended up leaving for the sake of their health. Will and Stella saw each other at the airport and smiled. This was a great book to read and the fact that I also saw the movie gave me more of a visual while I was reading. 

Blog 18: Vertigo Review

My initial thoughts about the movie “Vertigo” was that I actually really like it. I feel like not a lot of people would like it because it is an older movie. Normally this would not be one of the first movies I would pick when it comes to what I want to watch. Surprisingly, I like it. In my opinion, I like the plot to it and all the plot twists. I am not really sure what exactly I like about this movie. The main thing is probably that it is a psychological thriller. I like movies like that. I also like that Alfred Hitchcock made the twist of when we found out that Judy was Madeleine all along. I literally thought that Madeleine was actually dead, I mean who wouldn’t think that. I think the music choice is good for the dramatic parts and for the parts where things are serious. There is not really much that I don’t like. I really liked this movie. Since we are finishing it today in class I don’t know what could possibly happen next. We left off where Judy was writing the letter to Scotty, but she ripped it up after she was done. She was going to tell him that she was actually Madeleine, but she decided not to and see if he would fall in love with her as her actual self. This is pretty smart of her. She will probably figure out all the details that she wanted to know when she knew Scotty as Madeleine. This will probably end badly if Scotty finds out that she had been the same person for the whole time and she did not tell him. If I had to improve this for a more modern audience I would put cellphones in to play somewhere. I feel like Scotty would take pictures of her if he had a phone. Overall, I would not do much to change this movie. This movie is probably one of the good ones I have watched and I would watch it again. 

Song of Myself

When we were first starting to read the poem I thought that Walt Witman was pretty full of himself. I thought that he was going to be very selfish, but he actually wasn’t. The first section that we read was not that hard to interpret and figure out. When we were assigned the sections it got a little more difficult. There were so many things that I did not understand at all. But other lines kind of just made sense if that makes any sense. My group was assigned to section 4. In my opinion, it could have been so much worse In this section, he discussed mostly his inner self and what he goes through. Whitman talks a lot about the world a lot and reflects on it. He talks about trippers and askers. He also talks about some of the unimportant things like “dinner, dress, associates…”. Some of the more important things he talks about are how you have many obstacles to overcome and sometimes the problems will return, but you will overcome them. Another thing he says is, “These come to me days and nights and go from me again, But they are not the me myself.” He really wants people to know that it is important for people to know that there are things in life that are difficult but they do not truly define who you are. He talks about how it is also important to figure out your self-identity. I think this section is pretty important regarding how you should live your life and what you have to realize that you are going to have to go through. In regards to the difficulties I had through this experience, the most stressful part was wondering if any of the stuff I was writing about each line was actually right. But other than that I did not think that it was too bad. 

Blog 16

I somewhat agree with this and somewhat do not agree with this “Civil Obedience” excerpt by Thoreau. I think that the government should have control but not so much that it should affect the lives of the people, so much that they have to change to listen to what the government says. That would be out of hand. The role of the government is to maintain society and keep control over the people. They also have a role to help people as a whole. I think that this would be a good thing to be put in place instead of total control. As of individual citizens, I do not think they should be able to control us and our lives as individual citizens. I think the kind of government that would command respect would be a government that listens to people’s beliefs and values. It should not inflict people lives and what they are able to do with it. If the government is harming people rather than helping people, would not be the kind of government that we should have. Civil disobedience allows modern protest movements and people in those protests to exercise their right to freedom of speech and speak up about what they think is right. I do think civil disobedience is still effective today. It is completely okay for people to argue with what they want in the world. There are many movements that have happened across the world because of the people who stand up for what they want and what they believe.  Ever since the beginning of time people have always argued about things. I’m sure the cavemen even did it. I think civil disobedience was more noticeable what it first came about. People share common things and when the first person came out saying that they were against something, I am sure that other people agreed with them and that is how we got to protest.  I think civil disobedience is very important for people to know. People should know that they have the right to say what they want and protest what they want because it is what they believe. 

Blog 15

Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s thoughts are very similar. Emerson thought that you could connect with nature. He believed that nature could help you see clearly and live up to your greatest potential. Thoreau too his beliefs and spent two years in the woods. They both believe that there can be a connection between man and nature. They both also hate society and the way it portrays how people should be. Emerson believes in being yourself no matter what society tells you. The main idea of Thoreau’s “Where I Lived, What I Lived For,” is that we should live our lives how we want to. In “The Conclusion,” he believes that being honest and poor is better than being a cheating rich person. He describes how being rich is not a bad thing. As long as you are happy. The benefits of leaving society would be that one would not have to deal with people who look at them differently or people that think they are different because of the way they act. In the woods, that person can express themselves in whichever way they want to. They can be who they want. Also, they could see if society is the real problem of why they feel the way that they do. On the other hand, I do not think I could live in the woods even if someone paid me a million dollars. I guess it would depend on how long I would be staying there. If it was anywhere longer than a week, I do not think I would survive. I think I could at least maybe give it a try. I feel like most people do not think that transcendentalism relates to today’s modern world. The idea of basically detoxing our life is important. You should get rid of all the negative things in your life and focus on the things that make you happy and make you who you are.  Keeping nature clean and taking care of it are big parts of today’s world. There are very important things and lessons that we can learn about transcendentalism. 

Blog 14

I do not really know what my opinion is on debating. I like to do it, but at the same time, I don’t. I guess it might depend on what I am writing or debating. At the start of this unit, I really did not care for the articles or whatever we read and had to highlight the logical, emotional, and ethical appeal in them. It just was not fun for me. I am sure it wasn’t supposed to be “fun”, but I always hope that I would not mind the class work we did. I just felt like it was pointless not gonna lie. I understand why we did it though. In the long run, it helped us realized the parts of arguments that were meant for certain feelings like emotional appeal. The arguer wants us to agree with them, obviously. When I think about why we did all this stuff before debating, it makes sense. I am sure that if we wrote a debate before we did all the practice, they would be much worse from the ones that we just wrote. I think a lot of people have poor arguments. Adults are pretty bad at arguing in my opinion. That might just be me though. I listen in on some adults arguments and I can think of many things to tell them and come at them with, but I just stay quiet. Overall, I think that teenagers are the worst arguers. We kind of, well I guess we just do, say whatever comes to our mind in the midst of an argument and do not think about what we are about to say. I listen to people conversations around school and when anyone is arguing, they mostly just say things that are completely irrelevant. I am sure everyone can relate to this, with all the conversations that are said through a single school day. Anyway, back to my debate. I didn’t think that this debate was “easy”, but it wasn’t completely difficult. I had fun learning and researching my topic which was gun control. It wasn’t that easy coming up with questions, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. Now I think that debating isn’t as bad as I used to think it was. I think everyone should learn how to debate and argue.