Blog 22: Citizen Kane

I actually did not mind the movie, it wasn’t terrible, but I would not go out of my way to watch this movie. I think it was a good idea for the directors or producers or whoever thought of the idea that the reporter should go on a quest to figure out why Kane’s last words were Rosebud. Through this reporter’s journey talking to people that knew Kane, we learned a lot about Kane. We learned that he had lived a life of luxury but he was not happy. I do not think that he ever felt the love in his life. His parents gave him up and he was divorced twice. The only time I think he was truly happy was when he went sledding when he was younger. It was like he felt free and that there were no worries in the world. He just felt happy. In the point of the movie where they show him running the newspaper business, he is rich but is still not happy. The whole idea of the American Dream is that if you make a lot of money you will be happy. But in Kane’s case, that was not true. I am sure that a lot of other rich people are also not happy. Everyone thinks that if you make tons of money then you’ll have everything you want. Ever heard of the saying “money can’t buy you happiness”? I’m sure that is not completely true. There are many things that I can think of that I could buy ad they would make me happy. But there also problems that money cannot solve. In Kane’s case that was love. He married twice and divorced twice. He died unhappily and unfulfilled with his life. He spent so much time being the best he could be but didn’t take into consideration that to be your best you have to be happy. His second wife Suzie was upset after a while of being married to him. He said that he would change for her, but Suzie did think that could happen and she was too upset and unhappy. He had everything he wanted except for love and happiness. When the end of the movie came up I really thought it was going to just end without telling us what Rosebud meant. The last part of the film was a guy throwing his childhood sled into the fire to destroy it because they thought it wasn’t worth anything. That sled was probably the most important thing that he owned. It did have any value money wise, but it had value to him. 

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