Blog 18: Vertigo Review

My initial thoughts about the movie “Vertigo” was that I actually really like it. I feel like not a lot of people would like it because it is an older movie. Normally this would not be one of the first movies I would pick when it comes to what I want to watch. Surprisingly, I like it. In my opinion, I like the plot to it and all the plot twists. I am not really sure what exactly I like about this movie. The main thing is probably that it is a psychological thriller. I like movies like that. I also like that Alfred Hitchcock made the twist of when we found out that Judy was Madeleine all along. I literally thought that Madeleine was actually dead, I mean who wouldn’t think that. I think the music choice is good for the dramatic parts and for the parts where things are serious. There is not really much that I don’t like. I really liked this movie. Since we are finishing it today in class I don’t know what could possibly happen next. We left off where Judy was writing the letter to Scotty, but she ripped it up after she was done. She was going to tell him that she was actually Madeleine, but she decided not to and see if he would fall in love with her as her actual self. This is pretty smart of her. She will probably figure out all the details that she wanted to know when she knew Scotty as Madeleine. This will probably end badly if Scotty finds out that she had been the same person for the whole time and she did not tell him. If I had to improve this for a more modern audience I would put cellphones in to play somewhere. I feel like Scotty would take pictures of her if he had a phone. Overall, I would not do much to change this movie. This movie is probably one of the good ones I have watched and I would watch it again. 

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