Blog 14

I do not really know what my opinion is on debating. I like to do it, but at the same time, I don’t. I guess it might depend on what I am writing or debating. At the start of this unit, I really did not care for the articles or whatever we read and had to highlight the logical, emotional, and ethical appeal in them. It just was not fun for me. I am sure it wasn’t supposed to be “fun”, but I always hope that I would not mind the class work we did. I just felt like it was pointless not gonna lie. I understand why we did it though. In the long run, it helped us realized the parts of arguments that were meant for certain¬†feelings like emotional appeal. The arguer wants us to agree with them, obviously. When I think about why we did all this stuff before debating, it makes sense. I am sure that if we wrote a debate before we did all the practice, they would be much worse from the ones that we just wrote. I think a lot of people have poor arguments. Adults are pretty bad at arguing in my opinion. That might just be me though. I listen in on some adults arguments and I can think of many things to tell them and come at them with, but I just stay quiet. Overall, I think that teenagers are the worst arguers. We kind of, well I guess we just do, say whatever comes to our mind in the midst of an argument and do not think about what we are about to say. I listen to people conversations around school and when anyone is arguing, they mostly just say things that are completely irrelevant. I am sure everyone can relate to this, with all the conversations that are said through a single school day. Anyway, back to my debate. I didn’t think that this debate was “easy”, but it wasn’t completely difficult. I had fun learning and researching my topic which was gun control. It wasn’t that easy coming up with questions, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. Now I think that debating isn’t as bad as I used to think it was. I think everyone should learn how to debate and argue.¬†

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