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Whatever happened to “No more poetry”? When I found out we were reading another poem, my first initial reaction was “Oh no.” But when I opened up the poem, I saw that is wasn’t very long so that was good. I read the first couple lines of the poem and thought that it was going to be a pretty easy poem to read. Little did I know, the words got harder. I don’t think I even knew how to say a couple of them. It is true when people say that you will understand poems better if you read them out loud or read them a couple times. I started to understand it a lot better the third time I was going through reading it. This person in the story is making a model of their own world but in a perfect way. This person worries about the small details of the city or town that they are building. In regards to the theme, I feel like it should have something to do with this person worrying about their made up world and not their actual world. I really think that this person is depressed and is very antisocial. The only thing I did not really understand was the second stanza and the couple lines after that. They really confused me for some reason. The Sound and Sense questions for this poem were a lot easier to answer than “Eldorado.” I feel like there were more details and more interesting things in this poem than there were in “Eldorado.” While reading “The Dodo’s Conundrum”, I was looking for answers to the Sound and Sense questions while I was reading the poem. When we read “Eldorado”, it was harder to answer the questions because they were new to me and I didn’t really know what to look for. Overall, writing poetry has affected the way I read this poem because I look for rhymes and the way I read the poems due to the iambic formation that I used in my poem. I think I actually like writing poetry more than analyzing and reading it. 

No More Poetry

At the beginning of the topic of poetry, I thought I did not like it. I always thought that poetry was boring because there wasn’t a point to the poem or there wasn’t a story to it. Now that we have read a couple of poems I realized that they aren’t so bad after all. I used to think that every poem was somewhat alike. I have realized that one poem is nothing like another. They could sound the same, but it is highly unlikely that they would have the same meaning to them. That is one of the things I like about poetry. Poems are not like short stories. A lot of short stories are the same and have the same theme or point to them. Just like every movie out there. All horror movies are the same. All romance movies are the same. There are not many that are different. When we first started to write the first poem I had an idea of what I wanted to write about but I didn’t know exactly how to write it. I guess I kind of just typed everything that sounded right in my head.  At the time I didn’t really worry about the criteria that were needed. I just went with the flow. The second poem we wrote was much better in my opinion. It made sense and had a meaning to it. Plus it met the criteria, which was a plus. My second poem was about how friendship is like a storm. That the friendship has its ups and downs, but in the end, everything will work out.

I think when poetry is read from a visual standpoint it is much easier to understand. If there is a little skit that goes with it, it would make much more sense in my opinion. Adding images to a poems presentation can show what the author really wants you to understand and get out of the poem that has been written. I feel like if all poetry was portrayed that way, more people would like it and it would be more entertaining. 

Blog 8: Poetry

At the beginning of this, I thought that I wasn’t a person that liked poetry. I never really liked to analyze poems and really figure out their meanings. Especially when there were poems in the PSSAs. I always just skimmed through them and took my best guess. I thought the poems that we have read over the past days were not that bad. I didn’t find any of them boring or any of them putting me to sleep. In my opinion, Eldorado was an okay poem if that makes sense. I understood it a lot more when we went over it the other day in class and looked at every single line. In the beginning, when we first read the poem I’m not gonna lie I was pretty clueless of what it was about. I didn’t know why there was a pilgrim in the poem and what the point of the shadow was. But, I now realized that the shadow meant different things in different parts of the poem.  That was the one main thing that confused me when we read the poem for the first time. The other thing that confused me throughout the poem was why Poe kept repeating the words shadow and Eldorado. Anyway, I don’t think the poem that I am going to write is going to be good at all. I am writing my poem about my friendship with my friends. It is going to be about how we get along together and what our friendship is like. I have a couple lines in mind about what our lives are going to be like in the future. At the end of this, I think I only like a certain type of poetry. I like me only like the simple poetry that has a meaning towards life. There is just something about those poems that make me want to read them all day long. In the end, I hope my poem does not turn out to be bad, but it probably will. I think we’re going to do more poetry so hopefully, I get better at writing poetry.