Book numero dos

My second independent reading book was called “The Love Letters of Abelard And Lilly”. This is another book that I really liked. It is probably one of my favorites. Wow, I am so lucky to have gotten to read two books in one quarter that I actually enjoyed for once. Most of the times that I try and read books they are too boring to finish. That is the main reason I had trouble trying to read just one book last year. Doing these blogs really helps me actually read a book for once and not just skim through one. Anyway, back to the blog that I need to write on “The Love Letters of Abelard and Lilly”. Like I was saying I really liked this book. I’m glad that I picked it. I picked it because it looked like a good book. It was in the right category I was looking for. That was the classic romance books. This book wasn’t a normal romance story though. Lilly and Abelard both had some type of disability. Lilly had bad dyslexia when she was younger, but it has gotten better as she reads more. She also has ADHD and sometimes goes off of her meds because she doesn’t like them. Abelard has Asperger’s syndrome. I feel like you don’t normally read love stories and the two main characters have disabilities. I like that the author included this because it brings character to the story and shows the characters as who they are. Lily is in one of her classes one day and is about to leave class to skip school again like she always does. She ends up getting distracted to a noise which was coming from a door that never opens because it is broken. She ends up breaking it. I found that to be pretty funny because the door was already broken. She gets sent to the principal’s office and finds Abelard to be there too. Before the principal came in Lily asked Abelard a whole bunch of question and then kissed him out of impulse. What was going through my mind was why did she do that and what was Abelard going to do. Later in the book Lily has to decide if she wants to have a surgery that could make her life more manageable.  Abelard gets accepted into a school in New Mexico. As much as I would love for it to happen I don’t think Abelard and Lilly would work out together. With Lily’s ADHD and Abelard not wanting to be touched, it doesn’t seem like a great idea. In the beginning of the book I really didn’t know what to expect of the book. I didn’t know how I would feel about it. Surprisingly I didn’t hate it or get bored reading it. At some parts I didn’t think it was that interesting, but that was only a couple parts. I’m not really sure if I did empathize with any characters in this book. Maybe I did one time with Lily because I feel like she doesn’t fit in that well and wants to skip school a lot of the time. Sometimes I don’t feel like coming to school just because I don’t feel like dealing with anyone that day. That is the only thing that i could think of.  I would definitely recommend this book to someone. If you are looking for an interesting love story to read, I suggest this one. I’m not going to lie, these two blogs were VERY difficult to write. But, I’m glad i finished them and hopefully get most of the credit I deserve.

Independent Reading book 1

The first independent book I read was called “If I Stay” by Gayle Foreman. I would give the book a rating of 4 out of 5. It was a pretty decent book I would say. I wanted to read this book because of the movie. I have never seen the movie, but I heard it was pretty good. I have wanted to watch the movie before, but I just never got to it. I wanted to read the book because I thought I would like the movie. Although I have not watched the movie I went off of other people’s opinions of it and decided to read the book. Reading is not one of the first things I do when I go home. I usually do my other homework for American Cultures, A and P, or just other English homework. When I have free time from that homework, reading is still not one of the first things I do. Usually, I would see what was going on in the social media world these days. Well, here’s my opinion of the book. Mia Hall is a 17-year-old girl that is the outcast of her family. I liked that the author made her like that because it brings different characters to the book. Mia’s dad is a rock geek and a huge inspiration to her even though they are opposites. Mia likes classical music. At some times I like classical music, but it’s not my first choice of music to go to. The setting of the story is a snowy, winter day and school was canceled. Their family was going to visit their grandparents. My first initial thought to this was this might not be good. I knew from the trailer of the movie that they got into a car accident. I figured that it was because the roads were slippery and covered in snow. I could kind of tell that something really bad was going to happen. As a matter of fact, it did. They got into a car accident. When they were in the car, Mia fell asleep with her headphones in while listening to her classical music. When she woke up the car was in pieces. She saw her parents dead in the car. She got up and looked around trying to find Teddy, her little brother. She ended up finding herself. I thought this was weird, how could she have been seeing herself on the ground but she was standing up looking at herself. She was as confused as I was. She did not know what was going on or what she should do. I wouldn’t know what to do either. If I saw myself on the ground, but I was outside of my body I would be confused. Anyway, Mia had a lot wrong with her. I really didn’t know at this point if she was going to survive. I could feel the amount of sadness going through her family that was in the waiting room to see if she was going to pull through or not. Mia overheard that the man that hit their car was alive, but she wasn’t mad. I wouldn’t be mad either. He made a mistake and his life will be different now that he did that. Mia found out that Teddy didn’t make it and he is dead. She starts to wonder if they should go down as a family. I don’t know what I would do in a situation like hers. She could either fight or let go. This makes me really sad because if she dies then her family will grieve the loss of all of them. If she lives, Mia would be grieving the loss of her family. Adam brought an iPod in and played music that brought Ghost-Mia back to real Mia’s body. She lived. The end. 

Blog 6

When I first started to figure out my story I was lost. I had no idea what I was going to do at first. In the beginning, I was going to do a sad love story where the main girl dies. After I talked to Mr. McGarry about it, he gave me a new idea of what to do, and it was better than my old idea. So, I scratched my old idea of a sad love story to a somewhat happy love story. The one reason I changed my idea was that I could not figure out what details I wanted to put into the story.  I made it easier for myself by writing a story mostly based off of all romantic movies I have ever watched. I had a lot easier time doing that than the other story I was going to write. I think that my story is a somewhat well-written story. It can use a lot of touch ups and maybe more detail. I did fix a lot of that. I added more details about the surroundings of the setting like what the characters look like and act like. One thing I do not really like about my story is that it doesn’t flow very well. That is one of the things that I need to fix about it.

On the other hand, I finished my independent reading book, If I Stay, and it was a pretty solid book. Spoiler alert she survives in the end. The second book I am going to read is called The Love Letters of Abelard and Lilly by Laura Creedle. I picked this book because I like to read romantic books about teenagers that fall in love. I haven’t always had an interest in romance novels or books. I used to be into mystery or Si-Fi books. I hope this book is a good one.