My Story

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So, my story is about a normal girl that lives a normal life. Her parents have always wanted to move into a bigger house because they have 4 kids. They only moved down a couple of streets. Ava goes to a different school but still knows a lot of the people and still has friends at that school. Her best friend Brodie goes to the school that she goes to now. My idea for the story came from all of the romantic movies I have watched before. My story was completely different now than it was when we first started to come up with ideas of what to write. It was going to be a depressing love story where the main character dies, but I decided to change it because I could not come up with details of the story. I only knew a couple of the main details that I wanted to do. It was really stressing me out. I realized that I should not do a depressing story because it probably would not be fun to write and I wanted to write a story that I would like. I thought it would be a good idea to write a romantic story because I like to read romance books. Especially the cheezy ones where the girl always finds the right guy in the end.  There are some parts of my story that are a little sad, but not enough to make anyone sob I would hope. I hope I have an easy time writing this short story. I am sure it is not going to be as easy as I would hope, but I am going to try to make it an entertaining process. Through the deconstruction of the short stories we have read, I have realized that a lot of thought goes into writing a short story. There has to be a point in everything the author writes, and if not, it is just boring. While doing the activities in class I realized that I had to change a lot of details to make the story more appealing to a bigger audience.

If I Stay

My independent reading book is “If I Stay” by Gayle Foreman. So far, it is a really good book. It starting to be one of my favorite books. My favorite character is Mia, the main character. She is the outcast of her family pretty much. Her dad is a good musician and is into rock music. On the other hand, Mia likes classical music and it really good at playing her cello. I like her boyfriend Adam. He seems like a nice guy. The point of the book that I am in is after they got into the accident and Mia is outside of her body, almost as a ghost. She is trying to figure out if she is alive or dead. Mia is in surgery, and the doctors are trying to fix what is wrong with her. I am hoping that Adam knows what is going on and that Mia is in critical condition. He has not shown up to the hospital yet, but her grandparents, aunts, and uncles are there. I am really not sure what is going to happen next. I like the flashbacks that the author adds to the book. All of the good times in Mia’s life. The ones I really enjoy are the flashbacks of how she and Adam met and progresses with their relationship. What I like about Mia and Adam is that they are a little different but the same. Mia is a little bit of a geek. Adam, on the other hand, is a little more popular than she is. My predictions for the rest of the book is that Adam is going to show up at the hospital, but it might be too late. I really do hope that Mia pulls through and survives, but it is going to be pretty hard for her to do that. Also, Mia has not seen her little brother, Teddy, since the accident. I think Teddy will survive, but he might take a while to. Teddy was found far away from the car, so he was thrown out of it. It’s also cold out so teddy could have experienced frostbite. In the end, I think everything is going to be okay in the story.

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Devil and Tom Walker

My initial reaction to “The Devil and Tom Walker”, is that it was kind of boring but there were some parts that were interesting to me. There was a lot of stuff that you had to figure out for yourself. It was a little confusing trying to do that. At some parts, I did not really know what was going on. Once I got towards the end of the story, I got some of the parts that were confusing in the beginning. It’s not similar to anything I have read before. I do not think I have read anything about a man who made a deal with the devil to become rich. Most of the books that I like to read are Rom-Coms. It is set in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1700’s. Because it is set here it shows how the Puritan society was then. I think Irving wrote it this way to show how the society was during that time. He really embraces the Puritans and their ways of living. Also to show how greedy the Puritans were. They would do anything for money. For example, Tom’s wife took items from their house and was trying to make a deal with the devil to get money. She would not share the money she got with Tom and she was going to make sure of that. If I could add to the story to make it better for a modern audience I would have made the plot at the beginning more interesting. Instead of Tom just taking a shortcut through the woods, Irving should have made him get lost on his way home. To make the story better, Irving should have actually made the story understandable. They were a lot of questions that weren’t answered. But that makes me think that he might have wanted it to be like that. He might have wanted there to be questions that you need to figure out for yourself. Either way, he should have put more detail as to what was happening in the story. He could have told us where he took Tom’s wife but he didn’t. Other than that, “The Devil and Tom Walker” was an okay story to read.   

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Emily’s Everyday Emotions

All of the notes we went over this week made me realize how much work and thinking has to go into a story. When you think about it all movies and books have the same layout to them. Whether that’s a bad guy in the story or a huge conflict. They’re usually all the same. I didn’t realize that until we went over those notes. When we did the short story notes of our favorite movie, I thought it wasn’t going to be the same layout, but it turned out that it was. It changed the way I look at books and movies completely. When I’m watching a movie I’ll probably just yell out MILIEU while sitting on my couch one day. The difference in observing a story and being an active participant in one is completely different. When you’re observing a story you’re just sitting there and listening to it being told. On the other hand, being an active participant in the story is asking questions or reacting to the story. I am mostly just an observer to the story. I think I could be a more active participant if I maybe asked questions relating to the story being told.

Week 2 has been a lot different for me than week 1. This past week I had a lot of work to do. There was a LOT more homework to do, quizzes to study for, and tests to study for. I had three quizzes this past week and did not do as good as I thought I was going to do. Next week I have two test to prepare for. One of those two tests is in A & P. The other one is in AP Psych… Yikes! I don’t think I’m going to do too great on my Psych test. The test in Psych is on Unit 1, and while learning Unit 1 we started Unit 2!!! How fun right? I know. I’m going to have so much fun in that class *speaking sarcastically*. I really don’t know what week three has in store for me, but I hope it’s better than the first two weeks.

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