Satire – Blog 19

My experience with satire and humor is one that isn’t too complicated. I’ve always really enjoyed stuff like stand-up and comedic shows or reads that make fun of people. I understand that the act of making fun of people is a form of satire itself, so that would be the experience I have with it. And conveniently, satire is listed as a form of humor, so I can safely say that this is my favorite form of humor as well. An example of the satire I enjoy are the multiple late night shows that make fun of current events or people. Stuff like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. I especially like watching Stephen Colbert rag on out current president, who isn’t necessarily in cool water right now. Now for Mark Twain, I do not know much about him, and I have little experience with his writings. But from what I can tell, he is the type of writer that I would enjoy, as he utilizes satire in his works. After looking up some information about Mark Twain, I find it most interesting that he wasn’t just a writer. He was also a riverboat pilot, journalist, lecturer, entrepreneur, and an inventor. This definitely makes him seem much cooler than most other writers, and having so many other jobs allowed him to use the many different perspectives that he has seen throughout his time working these different jobs. He could see how many different people there were and how different they are from each other, and I imagine that this enhances his stories in a way that not many other writers could capture. All in all, I’m excited to read the book that is Huckleberry Finn, as I can’t wait to see how Twain manages to capture and bring this story to life.

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