Is Government Worth the Trouble? – Blog 16

Government is a mess. It’s full of overcomplications, narcissism, and the trifles of polititicians. Despite this, however, it is necessary to prevent the world from destroying itself. That is why I disagree with “that government is best which governs least.” The government keeps the common populace in check with laws, restrictions, etc. If left to their own devices by a government that doesn’t govern as much as it should, the populace would destry itself in a wave of crime and the wants of people only out for personal gain. The role of government to an individual person is being the big man on top. The government is always meant to be the thing that punishes you for your misdeeds, which keeps the population in check. Honestly, in today’s world, no government currently commands my respect. All of the governments today, especially ours, seem to be a shell of its former self. Just look at France. They are in the middle of a mass protest, which could possibly end with the removal of the president, all because of the government’s bad choices. A government that would command my respect would be one that takes into account the needs of the people, and one that doesn’t seem to be in some sort of conflict every year. The role of civil disobedience today is to be a tool used by the populace to get what they want from the government. Whether it be through peaceful protests, or violent riots, citizens use civil disobedience to let the government know they want something. Whether or not it is effective depends on the government. If it is a democratic and free speech government like ours, mass protests more often than not are effective in succesfully achieving the goal of the protestors. However, if the government is suppressive, like a dictatorship, mass protests unfortunatley would most likely be shut down at a moments notice, most often with force. Civil disobedience is inherent in amost every society, and every government that runs that society. Even when discouraged, it is bound to show up in one way or another. 

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