Debate Topics and Changes – Blog 12

A current issue that could be up for debate is one that is pretty popular at the moment: immigration. More specifically, the border wall and if it is even necessary. One side is pro-wall, believing that it will do nothing but help our current immigration issues. On the other hand, the opposing side believes that the wall won’t be enough help to justify it’s constuction, and is a waste of money. Pro-wall’s main argument is that it will stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming into the country, and also keep less desirable people who wish to to harm to our country out. Anti-wall’s main argument is that the wall will not solve all of our immigration issues, and that it is an enormous waste of money. Personally, I’m with the anti-wall side for this debate, because most of all I believe that it is a huge waste of time. Our country’s money can be used for a much better things, like funding education, but is instead being used to pay for an unnecessary wall that will slow down illegal immigration by a small amount. It is all just incredibly stupid in my opinion. Moving on to how my school year has been going, I would say it has been going fairly well. I had a rough patch in the beginning of the year regarding homework, but after a hard scolding from my mother and losing my phone for a while, I’ve mostly gotten back on track. I’d rather not have to deal with that again. If I had to change anything, I would want to improve my ability to balance my work and after school activities. Since play is starting once more, and I am a Head Technician for it, balancing school work and the work I need to do for play will be difficult, if I once again fall behind due to laziness. If I can successfully do this, I can gain the trust of my teachers and parents once more that I am a responsible and hard-working student. The only thing I can see preventing this is my tendency to procrastinate and occasional laziness. I will need to work on those if I wish to succeed. 

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