Back with a Vengence – Blog 10

We return to poetry with a very special piece of work… The Dodo’s Conumdrum. This poem embodies everthing I hate about poetry. The struggle to understand its meaning, strange structure, and how to me it is just spouting nonsensical ramblings. The theme eludes me so far, but with a little more time and another dozen re-reads, I’ll come up with something. I think I’ve become better at answering the sound and sense questions, but with this poem, all of that built up skill was thrown out the window. Half of my answers are laughably bad, with way too many “not present in poem” answers. Then again, I was completely it on a time constrant, so I may have not given some of the questions the thought they needed. I just read this mentally taxing poem and said to myself, “whatever, I gotta go run a holiday concert in a half-hour, so let’s just get this done.” Writing poetry did affect the way that I read and analyzed the poem, as I was able to identify some things about it, like how it changes structure throughout its runtime, changing from ballad to free verse and then back to ballad. But most of the time I was distracted trying to figure out the message the poet was trying to convey, which made it so that I wasn’t really paying attention to the actual mechanics of the poem. Hopefully we go into detail and discuss this poem in class, because I’d really like to hear someone’s professional analysis on this. It’s sadly probably the only way that I’ll be able to wrap my head around it, once it is explained to me in detail. If the poems that we read in the future are like this as well, then I might be in some trouble.

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