Blog 8 – Poetry

All of the poems that we’ve read so far weren’t that bad, I guess. If I didn’t want to die while reading them, or if I didn’t fall want to rip my hair out while trying to decipher its meaning, I consider it good. Our discussion/ analysis od Eldorado was actually pretty interesting. The way that Mr. McGarry picked apart the poem and uncovered its hidden meaning was intriguing enough for me to be thoughouly engaged and wanting to know more. As for the poem that I’ve already wrote, there is a reason why I tend to avoid writing poetry. It was going well for maybe the first stanza, but after that, it all went downhill. It would pain me to read it over again, and quite frankly, I hope I never have to. That poem deserves to burn in the Pits of Tartarus for even being conceived. But I digress. Even though I struggled through writing that poem, I can’t say that I hated doing it. I didn’t feel any malice towards writing the poem, and I even cay say that I may have somewhat enjoyed myself. I didn’t see trying to maintain stanzaic form and rhythmic pattern as boring or a waist of time. I saw it as a challange that I was determined to overcome, even though end the end I utterly failed at doing so. Writing poems in the future definately will be easier with this mindset. By now, I’m just fishing for topics, so I’m gonna talk a little more about my history with poetry. My father has always been a big fan of poetry, and when I was little, he would always try to get me to read it. Me still being in elementary school, I didn’t understand any of it, and I obviously didn’t want to read it after a while. So my father let up and that was that. But I suspect this is what started my long hatred of poetry. If I had given it a chance, maybe things would be different. However, poetry doesn’t seem as bad as it did before. 

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