Week 3 – DnTW

When I first read this story, I very mch enjoyed it due to how different it was. I’ve never read something from a writer like Washington Irving, and I can say I as pleasantly surprised. Most people don’t like old authors who use words that are centuries old, but I’ve always found it enlightining to see different words that are used for everyday speech that we use. I have read similar books, in the way they are told, not necessarily the genre they are or the story they tell. My father is really into philosophy, and as a result, he’s recommended some books to me that I’ve read. Now, the reason why Washington Irving wote this story was not just to present one of the worst human beings ever created, but to bring attention to what makes him one of the worst human beings created. For an example, greed is a big factor in this story, noy only pertaining to him, but to also his wife, and both of their spitefulness and hatred for one another is so great that I’m surprised that they hadn’t already killed each other before the Devil stepped in. Even when Tom’s wife was taken/killed, it didn’t even faze him. Finally, I wouldn’t change the story to fit a modern audience, for even though it’s easy to read, the grammer and word choice are turn-offs for some people. However, stories like these, in my opinion, must be read how they were written to get the full effect of the story.

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